SOUTH AFRICANinformaloffensive
  1. a man regarded as effeminate.
    • a male homosexual.



Google Gives me the above explanation.But let me Tell you.

Trans What? some would say
i only know Moffies they would utter
Terminologies never heard before like Trans by many
feeling uncomfortable when children,mothers ,fathers ,neighbours scall out Moffie
burning with anger and Hatred for those who dare utter the M word.

The moment you respond in any negative way they enjoy it
they laugh and continue Moffie Moffie Moffie with children running after me me Chanting Moffie ,Moffie ,Moffie
I hate you world ,who come up with the word any way
who thought up such a word without consulting us who we are?

The Anger In me is great I hate you cruel cruel can you be?
i dont even know what it means,All that i need to know is that
when i am called a Moffie i Get Enraged that i feel the blood turns cold
Knots form in my stomach.ironic isnt it that Humanity can be so cruel.
Heartless,emotionless ,my only response is to ignore and cry alone in my room.

what have i done to deserve this unkind Treatment
i am just living my life,trying to fit in,
but the world never had a place for me to feel save
to feel love and appriciated
No i have never Ever related to the Word Moffie.its like calling a black person Kaffer.
You get 15 minutes of enjoyment and i am left with a life time scar and that memory will remain with me forever,

you torment me and think it is over when i leave,no i get Nightmares still.
The world is a battle ground dont show your fears or emotions.

Its A cruel ,cruel.careless and Emotionless world out There.

Madam Jholerina

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