UN and the Ombudsman On LGBT Rights

The UN and the Office of the Ombudsman have spear headed the Dialogue to ensure that human rights are respected regardless of ones sexual orientation and Gender identity. That people from LGBTIQ community are human first and foremost and as such should be accorded the same Respect for Human dignity as per the supreme law of this country.speaking to Denver Kisting the Ombudsman Advocate John Walters said and I quote “I have been appointed to protect people’s human rights, despite peoples choices,if people of the same sex would like to get married ,it is thier choice, whether the country, community ,churches and government acknowledge that .we will have to discuss the challenges ,abortion and sex Work too are about choices. The UN report called on the Namibian government to abolish the common-law crime of sodomy .

This indeed are great times that we live in and it is our time as LGBTIQ organisations and community to engage and ensure that our voices are heard .

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