Community Consultative meeting in Kunene region -Khorixas


Kunene region -Khorixas The Transgender and Gender Non confirming community met at from the 3-5 August 2016 to discuss and talk about Issues,Challenges and needs of the Transgender Community in the Region and in Khorixas.

Representatives of 13 Transgender people attended the Session :

The participants consisted of technical assistance from the Founder and Acting Director Clemence Miyaniwe of Rural Out Org who helped and assisted in sending and forwarding out the announcements of the session to the community as well as co-Facilitating the session.

below are some of the challenges identified by the community.

*There is stigma and discrimination within the LGBTI movement because of how we behave,

*There is self Confidence and self worth issues within the Trans Movement

*Challenges of being raped and going to the police and police ask but you are a men how can you be raped and its because you are like that that you got raped.

*When we are arrested for what ever the reason might be the police statements like they are gays and they like sex so put them there,where hardcore criminals are.

*LGBT recruits in the police force are treated tougher and many quit from the trainings

*We dont get any stigma and discrimination in health-care system we don’t have problems.

*We are called Ostrich kidneys,refuse pipe, and moffie which are all derogatory terms

*Our Partners also face stigma and discrimination hence our relationships are in secret.

*Police are asking why are you like that when we go to them for assistance.

*Society in Khorixas is very respectful because we behave as mature people and take part in community projects.

*We dont have any information on transitioning and weather we can transition in Namibia and where this services are available.

*We also sometimes suffer from physical abuse in our relationships and because we are in secret relationships we dont look for help.



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