ARASA and WTTN Partnership

AMAZING Partnership.Looking forward to working with ARASA for the Benefit of the transgender Community.We commit to aggressively and vigorously work and participate with ARASAs Vision,mission and values and align our mission and vision to accomplish great strides that will be for the Transgender people .VIVA Trans Movements ViVa-Executive Director -Madame Jholerina Brinnet Timbo

I trust this message finds you well. Apologies for the delay in reverting in regards to the application from Wings to Transcend Namibia to join the ARASA partnership.
I am writing to inform you that your application has been approved and to invite you to the Annual Partnership Forum, which will be hosted from 27 to 28 April in Johannesburg, South Africa.
The Annual Partnership Forum convenes ARASA partners from all 18 countries in southern and east Africa for two days, with the aim of sharing progress on their work over the previous year. The APF provides an opportunity to network and explore ways to address HIV and TB-related human rights challenges our region. Following the conclusion of the APF an award ceremony will take place during a gala dinner to present the 2016 ARASA HIV, TB and Human Rights Award.
We will send out a message to all the partners shortly, to formally welcome you to the partnership. In the meantime, please acknowledge receipt of this message and confirm whether you or someone from your organisation can attend the APF later this month. Should someone be able to attend the APF, please forward their departure city and ID page of the passport.
Also, please sign the Declaration of Principles (last page of the application) and send it back to me.
Welcome to the partnership! We are very excited to have you as a partner and look forward to working with you to further human rights in the context of HIV and TB in our region.
With regards

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