I Hate The M word.

Trans What? some would say

i only know Moffies they would utter

Terminologies never heard before like Trans by many

feeling uncomfortable when children,mothers ,fathers ,neighbours scall out Moffie

burning with anger and Hatred for those who dare utter the M word.

The moment you respond in any negative way they enjoy it

they laugh and continue Moffie Moffie Moffie with children running after me me Chanting Moffie ,Moffie ,Moffie

I hate you world ,who come up with the word any way

who thought up such a word without consulting us who we are?

The Anger In me is great I hate you cruel world.how cruel can you be?

i dont even know what it means,All that i need to know is that

when i am called a Moffie i Get Enraged that i feel the blood turns cold

Knots form in my stomach.ironic isnt it that Humanity can be so cruel.

Heartless,emotionless ,my only response is to ignore and cry alone in my room.

what have i done to deserve this unkind Treatment

i am just living my life,trying to fit in,

but the world never had a place for me to feel save

to feel love and appriciated

No i have never Ever related to the Word Moffie.its like calling a black person Kaffer.

You get 15 minutes of enjoyment and i am left with a life time scar and that memory will remain with me forever,

you torment me and think it is over when i leave,no i get Nightmares still

The world is a battle ground dont show your fears or emotions

Its A cruel ,cruel.careless and Emotionless world out There.

Madam Jholerina


As a Namibian Born Daughter of the soil ,regardless of what many other Namibians would say based on my gender identity as a Transgender woman ,from a Christian background.The reality is that Namibia hasn’t enacted any specific Legislation to prohibit stigma and discrimination against the basis of sexual Orientation and Gender identity.

Our Constitution is open to interpretation and as much as it is very inclusive of my humanity ,My Country doesn’t  recognize my Gender identity as it doesn’t Form part  or isn’t explicitly outlined in our constitution.

Violations happen in families ,where rejection and discrimination against LGBTI Family members have negative consequences and this extracts the enjoyment of the basic human Rights.

The Rights are vested in all persons by virtue of being born.which are inherent rights enshrined in our constitution,which Rights apply to me as a Transgender Namibian Citizen?Cultural relativism and Religious Beliefs should not be used to contradict the rights of LGBTI person. LGBTI persons have been seen as wrong values by African leaders and that in itself is stigma and discrimination by leaders that fought for equality  and freedom.Where does freedom of Expression come into play then?Would LGBTI rights limit the population and impose unintended consequences on the family.the very Family that LGBTI persons are part of?

Namibia and African countries should know that they have an Obligation to ensure the rights of all persons to make and carry out decisions regarding their Bodies and lives.fundamental freedoms without distinction of any kind are a significant rule of Human Rights.Cultural,religious ,traditional values are not intended to promote dysfunction ,but to promote policies that facilitate the bringing up of Children in a loving ,productive,supportive and conducive families and societies.rather then incite prejudice  in families regardless of the sexual orientation or Gender identities of the the members of the families.

Can we as Africans justify Stigma,discrimination and Violence against LGBTI persons ,not on the basis of Religion ,Lifestyle,ethnicity,culture and any other reason but solely on the basis of the fact that We as LGBTI people are Human first and foremost.It is impossible to see rights of LGBTI persons in isolation as this rights form part of the wider human rights discourse.Protection of Religious and Cultural norms should not be used to discriminate,stigmatize and abuse the LGBTI community.This very norms are used to justify  the indirect exclusion of LGBTI persons in Constitutions.

Article 5 [Protection of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms]

The fundamental rights and freedoms enshrined in this chapter shall be respected and upheld by the Executive, Legislature and Judiciary and all organs of the Government and its agencies and, where applicable to them, by all natural and legal persons in Namibia, and shall be enforceable by the Courts in the manner hereinafter prescribed.

Article 6 [Protection of Life]

The right to life shall be respected and protected. No law may prescribe death as a competent sentence. No Court or Tribunal shall have the power to impose a sentence of death upon any person. No executions shall take place in Namibia.

Article 7 [Protection and Liberty]

No persons shall be deprived of personal liberty except according to procedures established by law.

Article 8 [Respect for Human Dignity]

The dignity of all persons shall be inviolable.

there is so much that must be looked at for us LGBTI Citizens to feel Included,protected and respected  by our Countries ,especially Gender Inclusive and Gender Sensitive constitutions that respects peoples choices over their bodies and lives and not necessarily group us in a broader context and expect us to be happy,while we still face stigma and discrimination because the constitution isn’t specific and many believe that we are not included so they see the need to discriminate and stigmatize us.This mentality that a holistic constitution is Great should end because its only an end to a means and not a means to an end.

As much as i applude Namibia we must not turn a blind eye to the needs of this community but be the Land of The Brave as we claim and make changes that are inclusive of all Namibian citizens regardless of their of sex, race, colour {color}, ethnic origin, religion, creed or social or economic status,sexual Orientation and Gender Identity.